FK627 - Super tone control mono

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This mono tone control module uses a +15V- 0 -15V power supply making its +/- output compatible with OCL amplifier projects. The FK627 features preamplifier, volume, treble and base control. Students will gain practical experience with RC filtering in audio systems and dual rail amplifiers.

Technical Specification:

Power Supply : +15V- 0 -15V @ 5mA
Maximum Output : 6Vp-p
Maximum Input : 3Vrms
Gain (loss) : -2dB
Input Impedance : 47KOhm
Frequency Response : 20Hz to 50Khz (+ 0/- 3 DB)
Total Harmonic Distortion @ 1Khz: 0.1% at 1Vrms output
S/N Ratio @ 1Vrms : 85dB Tone Control;
- Bass boost/cut : 12dB @ 50Hz
- Treble boost cut : 12db @ 15Khz
PCB dimensions: 86mm x 31.2mm x 22mm

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